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The decision to take the plunge and re-enter the tractor market happened as the COVID era was finishing.  Commercial chaos in relation to supply and transport hindered our preparation.

Early this year when we were poised to get started with production, Murphy’s Law took over.  We lost five people from our small start-up crew.  In spite of holdups to our progress we are now in a position to offer modern tractors 300kw (401HP) to 440kw (590HP) with no electronics.

Acremaster Modern Tractor Drawing
Acremaster tractor
40+ Years Old

Back To The Future

We will offer Deutz engines with mechanical governors driving a six speed powershift, using manual pneumatic control driving through three ranges allowing for tillage, harvest support and long distance travel.


The following three models are expected to be most popular – 330kw (443HP), 400kw (536HP) and 440kw (590HP).


Our current situation allows us to start taking orders for delivery before next seeding.

Interested parties can contact us by     Phone: 08 9041 2066   Or     Email:

Phillips Acremaster Expressions of Interest

Phillips Acremaster Advert

The above advertisement for expressions of interest was published 3 times in the Farm Weekly, Western Australia during December while harvest was in progress.

Within 2 days we were being contacted by farmers and industry people offering encouragement and support – genuine buyers were in the mix.

These calls came from 5 states demonstrating the power of social media in 2021.

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